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PIX Robo-EV, an AI-integrated electric vehicle brand, offers a Developer Edition - a fully electric steer-by-wire chassis for Kit Car enthusiasts. We provide development documentation for utilizing all open interfaces and a community for sharing experiences.


Experience precision control & efficient energy recovery with our integrated drive-by-wire chassis, which supports L4 autonomous driving and features an open communication protocol for customization.  With double-wishbone suspension and composite leaf spring, our chassis ensures agile handling. Plus, the integrated 3-in-1 charger allows for fast and convenient charging anywhere.

PIX Robo-EV Developer --- Fully Electric Drive-by-Wire Skateboard Chassis

SKU: 364215376135191
The total price is $16,500, with a $165 deposit due upon ordering. We'll email you about the down payment (50%) and final payment (50%). Production completes within two months upon the down payment. Shipping time vary based on the provided address.
    • Achieve L4 autonomous driving with steer-by-wire and EHB brake-by-wire, optimizing brake energy recovery.
    • Open access to the entire vehicle communication protocol for independent user engagement in secondary development.
    • Enhance maneuverability with double-wishbone suspension and lateral composite leaf springs.
    • Use generative algorithms for lightweighting and reducing components, increasing range.
    • Include an onboard 3-in-1 multifunctional charger.
    • Integrate EPB electronic parking brake system.
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